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Common questions about filing intents and affidavits for public works projects

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    Public works contracts require that each and every employer on the project file the Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages (Intent), and Affidavit of Wages Paid (Affidavit) Public Works contract form. The forms are filed with L&I and, once they are approved, are submitted by the employer to the agency administering the contract.

  • Expand/collapse Is there a minimum contract amount?

    There is no minimum dollar contract amount. That is, Intent and Affidavit forms are required for every public works contract regardless of the size of the contract.

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    The Intent form is filed immediately after the contract is awarded and before work begins, if that is possible. The agency administering the contract may not make any payments until contractors have submitted an Intent form that has been approved by the Industrial Statistician.

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    The Affidavit form is not filed until after all the work is completed. The agency administering the contract may not release final retainage until all contractors have submitted an Affidavit form that has been certified by the industrial statistician.

For more details about awarding agency responsibilities, see these State Laws (RCWs):
RCW 39.12.020, RCW 39.12.040, RCW 39.12.042.

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