Anhydrous Ammonia

Chapter 296-826, WAC

Effective Date: 09/01/06


WAC 296-826-100


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This chapter applies to employers who use, handle, store, distribute, or transport anhydrous ammonia.

  • Operations covered by this chapter include, but aren't limited to:
    • -All distributors of anhydrous ammonia, including distributors who store and transport anhydrous ammonia on trucks delivering to a farm.
    • -Any employer who stores and handles anhydrous ammonia to use in water treatment plants, acid production, metal processing, pollution control, or make products such as:
      • Fertilizers
      • Synthetic resins
      • Plastics and intermediates
      • Hexamine for explosives
      • Dyes
      • Insecticides
  • Operations not covered by this chapter include:
    • -The manufacture of anhydrous ammonia.
    • -Mechanical refrigeration systems where ammonia is used solely as a refrigerant.
    • -Pipelines transporting anhydrous ammonia into or out of a storage facility.
    • -Agricultural operations within the scope of Chapter 296-307 WAC. When a distributor delivers anhydrous ammonia to a farmer, the requirements for agricultural operations apply:
      • As soon as the farmer takes possession of the truck or equipment containing ammonia from the distributor, this includes the farmer picking up the farm truck or equipment from the distributor.
      • An ammonia distributor begins performing agricultural operations using their ammonia at the farm.


  • For requirements on agricultural operations using anhydrous ammonia, go to Part U-1 of Chapter 296-307 WAC.
  • If you use, handle, store, distribute, or transport anhydrous ammonia in quantities of 10,000 pounds or more, follow the requirements found in another chapter, Process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals, Chapter 296-67 WAC.
  • To protect employees handling ammonia, in addition to this chapter, you will need the following requirements found in other chapters:
  • -The following sections from the Safety and Health Core Rules, Chapter 296-800 WAC:
  • - Emergency Response, Chapter 296-824 WAC
  • - Respirator Hazards, Chapter 296-841 WAC
  • - Respirators, Chapter 296-842 WAC

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