Machine Safety

Chapter 296-806, WAC

Effective Date: 01/01/05

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WAC 296-806-200

Requirements for All Machines

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This section applies to all machines in your workplace. It is organized into the following four catergories:

  • General requirements.
  • Safeguarding requirements.
  • Safeguarding methods.
  • Requirements for specific machine hazards.


  • In addition to the requirements in this section, you need to refer to the following sections of this chapter in order to determine is additional requirements are listed for machines or operations in your workplace:
      - Additional requirements for some machines and machine operations, WAC 296-806-400.
  • For requirements that apply to hand-held tools, see Portable power tools, chapter 296-807 WAC.

Your Responsibility

To protect employees from machine hazards in your workplace

General Requirements

You must

General Requirements

Secure machines designed to stay in one place

Protect employees from slipping hazards around machinery

Arrange work areas to avoid creating hazards

Machine controls and operations

Make sure operating controls meet these requirements

Protect employees from unintentional machine operation
Make sure emergency stop controls meet these requirements
Control machine vibration
Prevent overspeed conditions
Make sure hand feeding and retrieval tools meet these requirements
Protect employees who are adjusting or repairing machinery
Power transmission parts
Keep power transmission equipment in good working condition
Inspect power transmission parts
Protect employees lubricating moving machinery
Safeguarding Requirements
Safeguard employees from the point of operation
Safeguard employees from nip or shear point hazards
Safeguard employees from rotating or revolving parts
Safeguard employees from reciprocating or other moving parts
Safeguard employees from flying objects
Safeguard employees from falling objects
Safeguard employees from hazards created by moving surfaces with hazards such as sharp edges, burrs, and protruding nails and bolts
Safeguarding Methods
Make sure guards meet these requirements
Make sure devices meet these requirements
Make sure light curtains meet these requirements
Make sure pressure-sensitive mats meet these requirements
Make sure restraint or pullback devices meet these requirements
Make sure two-hand devices meet these requirements
Make sure devices used with barrier guards meet these requirements
Make sure safeguarding by distance meets these requirements
Make sure guardrails used for safeguarding meet these requirements



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