Machine Safety

Chapter 296-806, WAC

Effective Date: 01/01/05

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WAC 296-806-485

Sewing Machines

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  • In addition to the requirements in this section, you need to refer to the following sections of this chapter in order to fully protect your employees from machine hazards:


This section applies to the hazards of needle injuries from domestic or light duty sewing machines.

Your Responsibility

To protect employees from hazards associated with sewing machines

You must

Guard sewing machine needles


WAC 296-806-48502

Guard sewing machine needles



  • This section doesn't apply to domestic-type sewing machines having a presser foot that's in the “down” position during operation of the machine.


You must

  • Provide a permanently attached guard on each sewing machine that:
    • – Prevents the operator’s fingers from passing under the needle.
    • – Allows the needle to be conveniently threaded without removing the guard.



  • For specific requirements about safeguarding sewing machine belts can be found in, Safeguard belt and rope drives, WAC 296-806-30004.


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