Administrative Policies

Workplace Rights/Employment Standards Administrative Policies

The following administrative policies are the current opinions of the Department of Labor & Industries about how the major labor laws under its jurisdiction should be applied. These policies do not replace the laws and regulations, but are intended only as a guide and interpretation of the laws and regulations. These policies remain in effect as of the date noted in each, until such time as they are modified, removed, or new policies added.

Current Workplace Rights/Employments Standards Administrative Policies
Policy # Title Acrobat PDF file PDF Size Statute/Code
Minimum Wage, Overtime, Exemptions
ES.A.1 Minimum Wage Act Applicability (updated 03/24/2006) 66 KB RCW 49.46
WAC 296-128
ES.A.2 Definition of Wage. 26 KB RCW 49.46.010(2)
ES.A.3 Minimum Hourly Wage. 48 KB RCW 49.46.020
WAC 296-126
WAC 296-125
WAC 296-131
ES.A.4 Special Education Student Exemption from Minimum Wage. 27 KB RCW 49.46.060
WAC 296-128
ES.A.5 Payment of Wages Less Than Minimum Wage - Employer's Liability. 35 KB RCW 49.46.090
ES.A.6 Collective Bargaining Agreements. 45 KB RCW 49.46.110
RCW 49.12.187

More Favorable Laws.

23 KB

RCW 49.46.120

ES.A.8.1 Overtime 90 KB RCW 49.46.130
WAC 296-126
WAC 296-128
ES.A.8.2 "How to Calculate Overtime". 84 KB
ES.A.8.3 Process Protocols for Reasonably Equivalent Overtime Compensation Plans for Truck & Bus Drivers (under revision) 126 KB RCW 49.46.130(2)(f)
WAC 296-128-011 and -012
ES.A.9.1 Salary Basis for White Collar Workers. 52 KB RCW 49.46.010 (5)(c)
RCW 49.46.130 (2)(a)
WAC 296-128
500 through 533
ES.A.9.2 General Application White-Collar Positions. 54 KB  
ES.A.9.3 Exemption from Minimum Wage and Overtime for Executive Positions. 50 KB  
ES.A.9.4 Exemption from Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements for Administrative Positions. 58 KB  
ES.A.9.5 Exemption from Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements for Professional Positions. 60 KB  
ES.A.9.6 Exemption from Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements for Computer Professional Positions. 61 KB  
ES.A.9.7 Exemption from Minimum Wage and Overtime Requirements for Outside Sales Positions. 68 KB  
ES.A.9.8 Definition of Fee Basis in Administrative, Professional, and outside Sales Positions. 36 KB  
ES.A.10.1 Retail or Service Establishment Commission Overtime Exception. 53 KB RCW 49.46.130(3)
ES.A.10.2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Retail/Service Establishment Sales Exception. 34 KB RCW 49.46.130(3)
ES.A.10.3 Examples of Retail Sales and Service Establishments. 38 KB RCW 49.46.130(3)
ES.A.11 Overtime Scheduling for Nurses. 75 KB RCW 49.46.130, 140, 150
Deductions and Termination Wages
ES.B.1 Payment of Final Wages and Deductions Upon Termination.   Repealed May 16, 2007. See WAC 296-126-025
ES.B.2 Deductions from Wages, Failure to Pay Wages, Rebate of Wages, Penalties.   Repealed May 16, 2007. See WAC 296-126-028
Industrial Welfare and Related Acts
ES.C.1 Industrial Welfare Act: Applications, Exemptions, and Interpretations. 109 KB RCW 49.12
WAC 296-126
ES.C.2 Hours Worked(updated 9/2/2008). 84 KB RCW 49.12
WAC 296-126-002(8)
ES.C.3 Commissions, Piecework and Minimum Wage Requirements. 26 KB WAC 296-126-021
ES.C.4.1 School Week and Work Week for Minors. 55 KB RCW 49.12
RCW 49.30
RCW 13.64.010
WAC 296-125-027
WAC 296-131-120
ES.C.4.2 48 KB WAC 296-125-030
WAC 296-823
ES.C.4.3 52 KB
ES.C.5 Payment Interval (Repealed May 16, 2007. See links to the right).   WAC 296-126-023, WAC 296-131-010, and WAC 296-126-035
ES.C.6 Meal and Rest Periods. 71 KB RCW 49.12
WAC 296-126-092
ES.C.7 Employee Access to Personnel Files. 41 KB RCW 49.12.240, .250, .260
ES.C.8.1 Employee Wearing Apparel and Uniforms. 41 KB RCW 49.12.450
ES.C.8.2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Employee Wearing Apparel. 32 KB RCW 49.12.450
ES.C.9 Variances from Industrial Welfare Act. 32 KB RCW 49.12
ES.C.10 Family Care Act (Updated 08/20/2006) 74 KB RCW 49.12.265, .270, .275, .280, .285, .290 and .295
WAC 296-130

Process Protocol for Work-Based Learning Student Variance

103 KB

RCW 49.12
WAC 296-125-030
WAC 296-131-125

Record Keeping Requirements
ES.D.1 Recordkeeping and Access to Payroll Records (Non-agricultural Employment). 67 KB RCW 49.12.050
WAC 296-126
RCW 49.46.040
RCW 49.46.070
WAC 296-128
ES.D.2 Recordkeeping and Access to Payroll Records (Agricultural Employment). 58 KB RCW 49.30
WAC 296-131

Family Leave Act - Frequently Asked Questions.

49 KB RCW 49.78

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