Logger Safety Initiative (LSI) - Policies & Other Requirements

Logger Safety Initiative (LSI) Logging Education

The LSI Taskforce believes it is critical that the safety culture in Washington's logging industry changes. Workplace safety must be treated as a first priority and a shared responsibility throughout the industry, workers must be trained and encouraged to work safely, and there must be measures in place that support safety in the woods.

To this end, the LSI Taskforce developed an employer logger safety program for manual logging operations (risk classification 5001). The program establishes sectorwide standards for worker and supervisor training and performance. It also reviews progress of logging operations through mandatory performance-based audits and Washington State Division of Occupational Safety and Health consultation services.

LSI Employer Logger Safety Program requirements

  1. Complete the LSI Employer Logger Safety Program Application.
  2. Carry out an approved LSI accident prevention program and training that is effective in practice.
  3. Comply with applicable safety and health standards administered by Labor & Industries Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).
  4. Account must be "in good standing" as outlined in WAC 296-17-31004(4).
  5. Participate in a L&I technical premium audit and correct findings. You are not eligible for a technical audit until you have 2 quarters of reporting history.
  6. Participate in a DOSH comprehensive consultation of all manual logging operations, including a complete safety and health program review and correct all identified safety and health hazards.
  7. Pass an independent third party audit to verify the LSI Logger Safety Program requirements.
  8. Submit monthly supplemental reports for hours worked in risk classification 5001.
  9. LSI program participants are required to annually fulfill 2 training requirements, which include
    • a total of 4 hours of approved formal safety training sessions; and
    • at a minimum, 4 LSI program-provided safety trainings conducted with supervisor(s) and crew members.
  10. Accurately report worker hours in the appropriate risk classifications.

Approved accident prevention programs (APP)

Other requirements

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