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July 16, 2004

L&I increases fees for special services

TUMWATER — The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) increased fees starting July 1, 2004, for various services that protect consumers and support residential and workplace safety. The fees, which increase by 3.2 percent, cover:

Contractor registration — More than 52,000 contractors statewide must register with L&I and provide proof of insurance and bonding. Consumers can check a contractor’s registration status at Contractors.LNI.wa.gov.

Electrical inspections — Where not covered by a local jurisdiction, L&I inspects electrical systems in new and remodeled residential and commercial buildings. L&I also licenses 44,000 electricians and 5,000 electrical contractors.

Plumber certification — More than 9,000 plumbers statewide must meet minimum qualification requirements and be certified by L&I.

Factory assembled structures inspections — L&I reviews designs for, and inspects the manufacture of, temporary commercial structures, commercial coaches (such as construction trailers), vendor units (examples: food vending trucks, mobile coffee shops), mobile medical units, and manufactured housing. It also inspects alterations made to these units and to recreational house trailers and recreational vehicles.

Boiler inspections — L&I performs safety inspections and issues operating permits for more than 100,000 boilers and unfired pressure vessels throughout the state, investigates accidents involving boilers or pressure vessels, and provides other services relative to boiler inspections.

L&I’s fees are adjusted annually to cover the increased cost of these ongoing services. The proposed fee increases comply with the Office of Financial Management (OFM) guidelines for maximum allowable fee increases for fiscal year 2004.

More information is available at www.LNI.wa.gov. Please select the “Trades & Licensing” tab on the home page.

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For media information: Ron Langley, Public Affairs, 360-902-5405/ lanx235@LNI.wa.gov, or visit the L&I News and Media Center at www.LNI.wa.gov/News.

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The state Department of Labor & Industries has increased fees by three-point-two percent for a variety of inspection and licensing services.

Labor & Industries is charged with enforcing a variety of laws designed to protect public and worker safety. Some of these services — such as registration of contractors — also help to protect consumers.

The fee increases help to cover ongoing costs. You can find more information on the web at W-W-W dot L-N-I dot W-A dot G-O-V. (www.LNI.wa.gov)

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