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Fatalities and Hospitalizations - Washington and National

  • While performing maintenance inside a sand mullor, a millwright was killed when a co-worker turned on the machine not knowing the maintenance worker was inside.
  • An explosion occurred in the ingot-pouring pit at an aluminum foundry approximately three hours after work begun. Two employees were killed in the explosion.
  • An employee working in a foundry was removing excess zirconium scrap from the bottom of a mixing tank, when the zirconium caught on fire.  The employee was unable to escape from the tank before sustaining fatal burn injuries.
  • An employee was fatally burned in a magnesium fire.
  • Two employees working at a foundry were severely burned when 200 to 400 lbs. of molten metal splashed over the sides of a ladle.
  • An employee in a foundry, while using a hoist to move a refractory crucible from a neighboring furnace, backed up and fell into an open 6 foot deep pit that had not been re-covered.

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