Confined Spaces

Chapter 296-809, WAC

Effective Date: 05/01/04

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Employee Training

WAC 296-809-400

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Your Responsibility:

To make sure employees are trained to perform their designated roles safely

You must

Provide employee training WAC 296-809-40002
Certify employee proficiency WAC 296-809-40004

WAC 296-809-40002
Provide employee training

You must

• Provide training to each employee involved in permit-required confined space activities, so they acquire the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform assigned duties

- Establish employee proficiency in their confined space duties.

- Introduce new or revised procedures as necessary



Employers can determine employee proficiency by:

- Observing employee performance during training exercises that simulate actual confined space conditions
- A comprehensive written examination
- Any other method that is effective for the employer

You must

• Provide training at the following times:

- Before an employee is first assigned to duties covered by this chapter

- Before there is a change in an employee’s assigned duties

- When there is a permit-required confined space hazard for which the employee hasn't already been trained

- If you have reason to believe that there are either:

• Deviations from your procedures for permit-required confined space entry
• Employee knowledge or use of your procedures is inadequate.

WAC 296-809-40004
Certify employee proficiency

You must

• Certify employee proficiency in their assigned duties

• Make sure the certification:

- Contains each employee’s name, the trainer’s written or electronic signature or initials, and the dates of training

- Is available for inspection by employees and their authorized representatives.

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