Elevating Work Platforms

Chapter 296-869, WAC

Effective Date: 01/01/2007

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WAC 296-869-400

Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Servicing

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This section applies to manually propelled, self-propelled, and boom-supported elevating work platforms.

Your Responsibility

To inspect, repair, maintain, and service elevating work platforms to keep them in safe operating condition



Repairs and adjustments

Manufacturer's safety bulletins
Inspection and repair records
Fueling and battery charging

WAC 296-869-40005


You must

  • Inspect and maintain elevating work platforms to keep them in proper operating condition.
  • Immediately remove from service any elevating work platform that isn't in proper operating condition.

WAC 296-869-40010


You must

  • Do a prestart inspection of the elevating work platform according to Table 2, Elevating Work Platform Inspections.
  • Make sure frequent and annual inspections are done:
    • -By a person qualified as a mechanic on the specific make and model of elevating work platform;
    • -According to Table 2, Elevating Work Platform Inspections
Table 2
Elevating Work Platform Inspections

Type of inspection

When required

Items to inspect


At the beginning of each shift.

Do a visual inspection and functional test including at least the following

Operating and emergency controls

Safety devices

Personal protective devices, including fall protection

Air, hydraulic and fuel system leaks

Cables and wiring harness

Loose or missing parts

Tires and wheels

Placards, warnings, control markings, and required manuals

Outriggers, stabilizers, and other structures

Guardrail system

Items specified by the manufacturer


Elevating work platforms that have been in service 3 months or 150 hours, whichever comes first;


Before putting elevating work platforms back in service that have been out of service for more than 3 months


Newly purchased used equipment should be given the equivalent of a frequent inspection before being put into service

All functions and their controls for speeds, smoothness, and limits of motion

Emergency lowering means (manually propelled only)\

Lower controls including the provisions for overriding of upper controls (self-propelled and boom-supported)

All chain and cable mechanisms for adjustment and worn or damaged parts

All emergency and safety devices

Lubrication of all moving parts, inspection of filter element(s), hydraulic oil, engine oil, and coolant as specified by the manufacturer

Visual inspection of structural components and other critical components such as fasteners, pins, shafts, turntable attachment bolts (boom-supported only), and locking devices

Placards, warnings, and control markings

Additional items specified by the manufacturer


No later than 13 months from the date of the last annual inspection

All items specified by the manufacturer for an annual inspection

WAC 296-869-40015

Repairs and adjustments

You must

  • Make sure repairs to elevating work platforms are:
    • -Made by a qualified person;
    • -Done according to the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Make sure the elevating work platform, before beginning adjustments or repairs, meets all of the following requirements that apply:
    • -All controls in the "off" position
    • -All operating features secured from inadvertent motion by brakes, blocks, or other means
    • -Powerplant stopped
    • -Means of starting is rendered inoperative
    • -Platform either:
      • Lowered to the full down position, if possible;
      • Blocked or cribbed to prevent dropping
    • -Hydraulic pressure relieved from all hydraulic circuits before loosening or removing hydraulic components
    • -Safety props or latches installed, where applicable
    • -Other precautions as specified by the manufacturer
  • Make sure replacement parts or components are identical or equivalent to the original parts or components.

WAC 296-869-40020

Manufacturer's safety bulletins

You must

  • Meet the requirements of safety-related bulletins as received from the manufacturer, dealer, or owner.

WAC 296-869-40025

Inspection and repair records

You must

  • Keep written records documenting:
    • -Frequent and annual inspections you have done including:
      • Date of inspection
      • Deficiencies found
      • Corrective action recommended
    • -Names of the people who did the inspection;
    • -All repairs done on the elevating work platform, including:
      • Date of repair
      • Description of the work done
      • Names of the people who did the repair
  • Retain the records of inspections and repairs for at least:
    • -Three years for manually propelled and boom-supported elevating work platforms;
    • -Four years for self-propelled elevating work platforms



It is the responsibility of the owner of the elevating work platform to make sure frequent and annual inspections are done and documented. If you perform either type of inspection, or make repairs to the elevating work platform, send the appropriate records to the owner of the elevating work platform.

WAC 296-869-40030

Fueling and battery charging

You must

  • Shut-down the engine while filling fuel tanks.
  • Fill fuel tanks and charge batteries in areas that are:

    -Open and well-ventilated;

    -Free of flame, sparks, or other hazards that may cause fire or explosion

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