General Occupational Health Standards, Chapter 296-62 WAC

Last Updated 1/1/2014

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NOTE: Many parts of this chapter have been moved or repealed. If you don’t see the part you want, check the list of changes to this chapter.

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WAC Part Description
Part A General
WAC 296-62-005 through 296-62-050
Part B-1 Trade Secrets (Agriculture Only)
NOTE: The requirements in WAC 296-62-05305 through 296-62-05325 apply only to agriculture. The requirements for all other industries relating to trade secrets have been moved to Chapter 296-816 WAC, Protecting trade secrets
Part C-1 Retain Department of Transportation Labeling
WAC 296-62-055 through 296-62-05520
Part D Controls and Definitions
WAC 296-62-060
Part F Carcinogens
WAC 296-62-073 through 296-62-07316
Part G Carcinogens (Specific)
WAC 296-62-07329 through 296-62-07477
Part I Air Contaminants (Specific)
WAC 296-62-07517 through 296-62-07660
Part I-1 Asbestos, Tremolite, Anthophyllite, and Actinolite
WAC 296-62-077 through 296-62-07755
Part I-2 Hexavalent Chromium
WAC 296-62-08003 through 296-62-08029
Part J-1 Physical Agents
WAC 296-62-090 through 296-62-09560
Part L Atmospheres and Ventilation
WAC 296-62-11015 through 296-62-13635
Part N Cotton Dust
WAC 296-62-14533 through 296-62-14543
Part O Coke Ovens
WAC 296-62-200 through 296-62-20029
Part R Hazardous Drugs
WAC 296-62-500 through 296-62-50055

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