Powered Platforms

Chapter 296-870, WAC

Effective Date: 01/01/07

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WAC 296-870-400


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To train employees who operate or inspect powered platforms

General training

Emergency action plan



WAC 296-870-40005

General training

You must

  • Make sure employees are trained by a competent person.
  • Train employees who operate powered platforms in all of the following:

    - Recognizing safety hazards and the preventative measures to control or minimize hazards that are associated with:

    • Using powered platforms, including those that apply to the specific platform they will be operating


    • Their individual work tasks.

    - Emergency action plan procedures

    - Work procedures for operating, safely using and inspecting powered platforms.

  • Provide written work procedures for operating, safely using, and inspecting working platforms to be used in employee training.



Visual presentations, such as graphics and pictures, may be used instead of written work procedures if it improves employee understanding. The powered platform system components manufacturers’ operating manuals can serve as the basis for these work procedures.

WAC 296-870-40010

Emergency action plan

You must

  • Make sure a written emergency action plan is developed and implemented for each kind of working platform operation that contains at least both of the following:

    - An explanation of the emergency procedures to be followed in the event of any of the following situations:

    • Power failure
    • Equipment failure
    • Other emergencies which may be encountered.

    - That employees are informed about the building emergency escape routes, procedures and alarm systems.

  • Review with each employee those parts of the plan they need to know to protect themselves in the event of an emergency:

    - Upon initial assignment


    - Whenever the plan is changed.

WAC 296-870-40015


You must

  • Certify in writing that employees have been trained in operating and inspecting a working platform.
  • Make sure training certifications are:

    - Prepared when the employee has completed training


    - Contain all of the following:

    • Name of the person trained
    • Signature of the person who conducted the training
    • Date training was completed.
  • Make sure the training certification is:

    - Maintained while the employee works for you


    - Kept readily available for review by the director or an authorized representative.

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