Temporary Housing for Workers

Chapter 296-833, WAC

Effective Date: 12/01/02


Waste disposal and pest control

WAC 296-833-500

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Your responsibility:

To make sure your temporary housing camps are kept sanitary.

You must:

Follow proper waste disposal procedures

Control insects, rodents, and other pests


WAC 296-833-50005

Follow proper waste disposal procedures.

You must:

  • Provide at least one garbage container for each family shelter. Garbage containers must be:
    • - Placed on a wooden, metal, or concrete pad
    • and
    • - Located within 100 feet of each shelter.
  • Provide garbage containers that:
    • - Are nonabsorbent
    • - Are cleanable or only used once (for example, a disposable plastic liner)
    • - Can be securely closed.
  • Make sure garbage containers are kept clean and emptied:
    • - At least twice a week
    • and
    • - When full.

WAC 296-833-50010

Control insects, rodents, and other pests.

You must:

  • Take steps to effectively prevent insects, rodents, and other pests from infesting camp areas
  • Carry out a continuing and effective control program where pests have been detected.

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