Safety Standards for Window Cleaning

Chapter 296-878, WAC

Effective Date: 01/01/03

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Inspection procedures

WAC 296-878-130

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WAC 296-878-13005

Inspect the area to be cleaned.

You must

  • Inspect the building before cleaning to make sure there are no areas that can damage worker fall protection equipment and window-cleaning equipment. Inspect:
    • - Sharp edges of parapets
    • - Window frames
    • - Open projected windows
    • - Cornices
    • - Overhangs
    • - Any other areas that may abrade, sever, weaken, or damage the equipment.
  • Make sure all working surfaces are safe and free from hazards such as:
    • - Grease
    • - Oil
    • - Other slippery substances.

WAC 296-878-13010

Inspect window-cleaning equipment before use

You must

(1) Store your window-cleaning equipment in a way that:

  • Is easy to get to, inspect, and safely take our for use
  • Provides protection from moisture, sunlight, or corrosion

(2) Make sure a competent person inspects these items before each use:

  • Window-cleaners' belts
  • Boatswain's chairs
  • All components of rope decent systems
  • Suspension devices
  • Certified roof anchorages
  • Primary support ropes or lines
  • The decent device
  • Carabiners or shackles
  • A seatboard or boatswain's chair
  • Wear points on rope descent system components exposed to constant friction

(3) Make sure you don't use any piece of window-cleaning equipment with defects.

  • Prohibit makeshift repairs to any piece of window-cleaning equipment
  • Label any piece of window-cleaning equipment that is defective "dangerous, do not use"

(4) Secure any padding or softeners so they don't come loose from:

  • The surface of the building
  • The rope if not attached to the building

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