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March 9, 2018

Use L&Is Secure Message Center for added email security

L&I wants to protect you from email phishing.

by Melissa Crumb

Email safety is a hot topic. Scam artists and identity thieves are getting better every day in their quest to steal your personal information.

A phishing email is one designed to look as if it comes from a trusted source, but instead tries to steal your social security number, address, banking information and date of birth. It may also contain links that direct you to malicious websites that download viruses or malware to your computer. Criminals can use the information they steal from you to impersonate you online.

Email Security Icons

Below, are a few simple tools L&I offers to protect you from phishing.

Secure Message Center
Secure messaging is safer than email, because it encrypts your information. It provides employers, injured workers, and medical providers a secure way to contact L&I. Access the Secure Message Center 2 ways:

  1. Click the Secure Messaging link from your My L&I Dashboard to send information to your Account or Claim Manager.
  2. Create an account or sign in to the Claim and Account Center.

Call us!
We pride ourselves on great customer service and knowledgeable employees. Call 1-800-LISTENS (1-800-547-8367) or the Small Business Liaison at 1-800-987-0145. L&I’s website also lists contact information by subject area.

We’re here to help
L&I wants to make it easy to do business with us and build positive relationships with our customers. If you have someone you regularly do business with, contact them for further support.

And remember! If you get an email that looks phishy, use a contact method listed here. We will help you verify if it is a legitimate contact from L&I.

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