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Working With a Vocational Counselor

Vocational counselors

Vocational Counselor

Vocational counselors help injured workers and employers identify return to work options including job modifications. If no appropriate return to work options can be identified with your employer, the vocational counselor will assess your ability to work or need for further services. If you are eligible for vocational services your counselor will help you develop a rehabilitation plan aimed at helping you return to the workplace.

Questions workers have

What if I'm not qualified to do any available jobs in my area?

If L&I determines that you don't have the transferable job skills necessary to work in your labor market, you may be eligible for training for a new line of work.

Will L&I pay for me to attend college or a training school?

Workers' compensation may cover the cost of a college course or program, combined with some on-the-job training, or a technical program.

What if I live or move out of state?

Vocational services may continue depending on your ability to participate.

Your benefits could stop if you move while you are in an approved retraining plan and you aren't available to participate. Relocation is strongly discouraged until after the completion of your plan.

Did you know?

Time-loss compensation and medical benefits are usually suspended or cut off if the worker fails to participate in the vocational retraining plan without good cause.

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