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Intro to L&I's Workers' Comp Insurance

What Is Workers' Compensation (Industrial Insurance)?

Workers' compensation provides no-fault industrial insurance coverage for most employers and workers in Washington State.

Benefits include medical treatment for workers who are injured in the course of their employment or develop an occupational disease as a result of their work activities.

Workers who are unable to work due to accepted conditions related to an industrial injury or occupational disease may be eligible for partial wage replacement benefits.

What workers' compensation pays for

  • Approved medical, hospital and related services due to workplace injuries.
  • Compensation for those who are temporarily unable to work full-time.

Employers must provide coverage for their employees. In return, employers normally cannot be sued for damages when a work-related injury or illness occurs.

Employers purchase coverage through L&I

The agency manages claims and pays benefits out of an insurance pool called the Washington State Fund.

The fund is financed by premiums paid by employers and employees.

Open a workers comp account

If you plan to hire employees in Washington, you'll need to open a workers' comp account with L&I. Learn how.

Optional owner coverage

Owners of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporate officers and LLC member or managers who meet the exemption requirements ( are not required to have workers' compensation insurance, but may choose to purchase elective coverage.

Benefits include medical and limited wage replacement in the event of a job related injury or illness. Call 360-902-4817 for more information.

Get an Application for Elective Coverage for industrial insurance (F213-042-000) and send the completed form to your account manager. For more information, see WAC 296-17-31007: Owner/officer coverage and coverage for exempt employments (

The Employers' Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance in Washington State (F101‑002‑000) is a general guide that explains Washington State's workers' compensation insurance program.

How to file and pay workers' comp (industrial) insurance

Get information about how to sign up to pay quarterly reports online or submit them by mail.

Managing claims

Manage Your Injury Claims when an employee is injured.

View your employees' claim information online .


Employers may qualify to provide their own coverage under L&I's program administered by the Self-Insurance Section.

Protests & appeals

Appeal an L&I decision about your coverage or rates.


You can attend free workshops, trainings, and webinars about workers' compensation. See scheduled workshops.

Additional information

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