Self-Insurance Electronic Data Reporting System (SIEDRS)

Did you know...
Self-insurers must continue to send all claim paperwork to L&I.

SIEDRS doesn't replace any existing claim adjudication or reporting processes.

L&I developed a computer system named SIEDRS (pronounced "ciders") to receive and store self-insured claim data.

The system allows L&I to compile more data on self-insured claims, especially in the areas of claim payments, claim costs, and injury information for medical-only claims. The data, and other self-insured claim information from L&I systems, is used to create the SIEDRS Reports, which L&I publishes quarterly.

The SIEDRS reports provide L&I with data to better answer questions about the performance of the self-insured community as a whole. And self-insurers can use these reports to compare their own workers' compensation data against the overall performance of the Washington State self‑insured community.

Enroll for SIEDRS

Prepare your computer systems to send claim information to L&I and enroll to use SIEDRS.

SIEDRS Reports

View the reports and get help to understand them.

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