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Submitting Bills and Reports

Submitting Bills and Reports

You can help L&I provide care for injured workers and pay you promptly.

Prevent payment delays

To speed up your payment, bill L&I online using Provider Express Billing.
To avoid having L&I deny or reduce payment or send your payment to the wrong place, make sure that you:

  • Don’t Fax Bills, L&I does not accept any bills that are faxed, they will not be processed
  • Use a procedure code that matches the level or type of service billed.
  • Provide documentation and reports at the right time in the right format.
  • Notify us when your address or business status changes, by using the Provider Accounts Change Form.

In addition, make sure that you fax reports correctly:

  • Send reports and chart notes separately from bills.
  • Put the L&I claim number in the top right corner of every page of each document.
  • Use only plain, white paper and do not highlight, to assure clear imaging.
  • Do not use address stamps or labels that are too large for a form.
  • Make sure documentation is legible.
  • Fax your chart documents to L&I so that it goes directly to the claim file.


Faxing reports and chart notes

Document type

Fax numbers

Report of Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease (F242-130-000)

  • 800-941-2976
  • 360-902-6690

Correspondence; reports and chart notes (in SOAPER format) and claim-related documents other than bills.

  • 360-902-4567.

Where to mail paper documents

Instead of mailing, we encourage you to fax claim documents to us and to bill us online using Provider Express Billing which speeds up your payment.

Document type

Where to mail at the Department of Labor & Industries

All bills and adjustments

PO Box 44269
Olympia, WA 98504-4269

Refunds (attach copy of remittance advice)

PO Box 44835
Olympia, WA 98504-4835

Report of Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease (F242-130-000)

PO Box 44299
Olympia, WA 98504-4299

Insurer Activity Prescription Form (F245-385-000)

PO Box 44291
Olympia WA 98504-4291

Correspondence; reports and chart notes (in SOAPER format) and claim-related documents other than bills.

PO Box 44291
Olympia, WA 98504-4291

For desk references

To request a copy of the General Provider Billing Manual (F248‑100‑000), contact the Provider Hotline at: 1‑800‑848‑0811.

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