General Information for Approved IME providers

What is an assignment letter?

Claim managers create a request for an independent medical examination (IME) through the online scheduling system. This letter contains instructions about the location for the examination and the specialty of the examiner(s) requested.

The assignment letter also states the purpose of the IME and includes specific questions to be answered by the examiner. After the IME has been scheduled, L&I adds the letter to the claim file to the Claim and Account Center (CAC) Secure online service. or, on request, will mail it to the IME firm or the individual examiner.

What if I need to reschedule an exam?

  • To reschedule an exam requested by L&I, you can submit a request through the online scheduling system.
  • To reschedule an exam requested by a self-insurer or the Crime Victim’s Compensation Program, contact them directly.

How to write your IME reports

  • Write the IME report for a non-medical audience.
  • Use lay terms to explain all causal, diagnostic, logic, deductions and conclusions.
  • Answer all questions in the assignment letter.
  • Don't include a disability rating when the worker hasn't reached medical stability or a rating was not requested.
  • Order any non-invasive testing required to complete your examination or to supplement your findings; you do not need pre-authorization from L&I.

Submitting your IME reports

  • Submit your report within 14 days of the examination or within 14 days of receiving any test results.
  • Submit the report to L&I through the online schdeuling system. (For self-insured claims or Crime Victim’s Compensation claims, send the report to the firm requesting the IME.)
    • Make sure all claim numbers are at the top right-hand corner of every page.
    • You do not need to mail the report for State Fund claims.

For assistance

  • Central Scheduling Unit: 800-468-7870.
  • Provider Hotline: 800-848-0811.
IME program Occupational Nurse Consultant: 360-902-6818.

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