Review a Claim

Claim & Account Center

Use the Claim & Account Center Secure online service. to:

  • View claim documents and L&I's notes about the claim.
  • View all other open or closed claims for the worker:
    • Locate the link on the Current Claim Status page labeled Check for other claims for this worker.
    • Youll be able to view all the workers other open and closed claims.
    • You wont have access to submit transactions on claims with no open referral.
  • Find out if L&I has authorized treatment or paid a bill.
  • Send a monthly progress report.
  • Send messages to state fund claim managers using 1 of 4 e-transactions:
    • Worker has returned to work.
    • Worker is non-cooperative.
    • Request for good-cause extension.
    • Request L&I action.

Step-by-Step Instructions for submitting E-Transactions (159 KB PDF).

VocLink Connect

This online service allows Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) to:

  • Deliver referral and claim related information.
  • Receive L&I referrals.
  • Make vocational recommendations.

VocLink Connect manual (404 KB PDF).

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