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Manufactured homes

Chapter 296-150, WAC

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Factory Assembled Structures (FAS): Chapter 296-150M WAC, Manufactured Homes; Chapter 296-150I WAC, Manufactured Home Installer Training & Certification Program

The purpose of this rulemaking is to consider changes to the Factory Assembled Structures (FAS) rules in Chapter 296-150M WAC, Manufactured Homes, and Chapter 296-150I WAC, Manufactured Home Installer Training & Certification Program. This rulemaking will update existing rules to comply with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations. In 2017, HUD reviewed the FAS rules and standards for manufactured housing installations to ensure the programís compliance with HUD regulations. This rulemaking addresses HUDs findings that require revisions to rules for L&I to meets its contractual obligations and be fully compliant. The changes under consideration include: certified installers must approve the installation of new manufactured homes installed by homeowners; certified installers must verify and acknowledge site preparations for new manufactured homes; replacing the ANSI A225.1 standard with the HUD Model Installation Standards; and contractors and Certified Installers must obtain factory approval for alterations to new manufactured homes. Additionally, the program is reviewing all rules in Chapter 296-150I WAC for updates, clarity, and housekeeping changes.860.


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

Factory Assembled Structures (FAS), Manufactured Home Installer Training and Certification Program (Chapter 296-150I WAC)

The purpose of this rulemaking is to amend Chapter 296-150I WAC, Manufactured Home Installer Training and Certification Program. This rulemaking will adopt rules for infractions of manufactured home installations as a result of House Bill (HB) 1329 (Chapter 10, Laws of 2017). The bill replaces the mandatory penalty of $1,000 for each infraction of manufactured home installation requirements with discretionary authority to issue warnings, and a monetary penalty of no more than $250 for a first infraction and no more than $1,000 for a second or subsequent infraction. The bill became effective on July 23, 2017. The adopted rules establishes a penalty schedule for infractions for manufactured home installations as required by the bill and modifies the issuance of notices of infractions to comply with the new statutory requirements. The changes were adopted 11/21/2017 and became effective on 1/1/2018.801.


Rule Changes Effective


PDF: Adoption (Rule-Making Order CR-103)

PDF: Adopted Rule Language


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PDF: Proposed Rulemaking (CR 102)

PDF: Proposed Rule Language


PDF: Preproposal (CR-101)

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