Toll-free numbers

Automated claims information 1-800-831-5227

For injured workers, employers and medical providers. (More information)

Claim information correction 1-866-893-1530

The toll-free number to report confidential information or misfiled documents in an online claim file.

Office of Information and Assistance 1-800-547-8367 (1-800-LISTENS)

Serves as a central point of contact in Labor & Industries. Customer service representatives answer general questions about workplace safety and health, workers’ compensation, workers' rights, and other L&I services.

Contractor Registration Verification 1-800-647-0982

Learn if a contractor is currently registered, how long the contractor has been registered and whether action against the contractor’s bond is pending or has been taken in the past. Or use the online tool Look Up a Contractor, Electrician, or Plumber. You may also ask the name of the contractor’s insurance company to verify coverage.

Crime Victims Compensation Program 1-800-762-3716

This program provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime, such as assault, domestic violence or child abuse, who meet specific eligibility requirements. (More information)

Employment standards/workplace rights 1-866-219-7321

Call this number to get information about minimum wage, child labor laws and minor work permits, overtime, farmworker or other employment standards issues, or to request free workplace rights posters or other forms and publications.

Prevailing Wage 1-855-545-8163

Contact us for assistance filing Intent and Affidavit forms or selecting the correct scope of work, information for Awarding Agencies, or other assistance complying with prevailing wage requirements.

Fatality/ catastrophe reporting 1-800-423-7233

You must report the death, or probable death, of any employee, or the in-patient hospitalization of one or more employees within 8 hours. (More information)

Field Office Locations and Phone Numbers

Some of our 20 service locations across the state have toll-free numbers.

Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference 1-888-451-2004

Request registration information for the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference.

Medical providers ROA fax number 1-800-941-2976

Medical providers can fax the workers' compensation Report of Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease (ROA) forms to L&I at 1-800-941-2976 or 360-902-6690.

Provider Hotline 1-800-848-0811

Service providers involved in the care and treatment of injured workers use this number to obtain authorization for services and answers to billing questions.

Report Fraud 1-888-811-5974

Use this number to report contractor, employer, workers' compensation, or medical provider fraud — or report them online at L&I's Fraud website.

Safety and Health Hotline 1-800-423-7233

Provides a menu of options callers can use to request safety and health standards, order posters and publications and more. To make a workplace-related safety and health complaint, please call the L&I office nearest you.

Safety and Health Video Library 1-800-574-9881

Use this number to establish an account or reserve any of 650+ training videos. Visit the online video catalog to see what’s available.

SHARP Program 1-888-66-SHARP

Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP) conducts research, monitoring, and demonstration projects that promote healthy work environments and the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. For details, visit the SHARP website

Workshop Registration 1-800-574-2829

Find out what workshops and other training opportunities are available through L&I. Register for workshops or request other safety/health workshops. Visit the L&I Training & Workshop Center to learn more.

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