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Overhead Power Lines

Construction site with utility poles and overhead power lines next to it.
Survey the site, prior to construction performed, for overhead power lines.

On most construction sites, overhead power lines can be hazardous for workers to deal with.  In some cases, workers are unable to tell the difference between phone and cable lines vs. power lines. This can increase the risk of workers accidently coming into contact with power lines on the job site resulting in electrocution and requiring hospitalization for injuries, permanent partial disability or in some cases death.
Employers can prevent this type of incidents from occurring on the job sites by:

  • Providing training to employees on overhead power line safety
  • Survey the site for overhead power lines.
  • Consider all overhead lines as energized until the electric utility indicates otherwise, or an electrician verifies that the line is not energized and has been grounded. Work in conjunction with the local utility company on the issue of the overhead power lines.
  • If the lines cannot by de-energized and grounded or have insulating barriers applied, a minimum safe distance of 10 feet must be established and maintained.

Employers must also address hazards through an effective Accident Prevention Program and ensure safe workplace practices are followed.

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