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After you've registered you must use your contractor registration number on all your business communications.

By law, when you advertise, solicit bids or offer to perform work, you must always include your contractor registration number. This includes business cards, Yellow Page ads, newspaper ads, estimates and bid proposals.


Which contractors must be bonded and what must this bond include?

General and specialty contractors must provide a contractor's surety bond (88 KB PDF). Surety bonds are available through a bonding company or insurance agency. Premiums vary with each company, as do the requirements for being bonded.

The bond must include the bond number and exact business name.

Are there any alternatives to a bond?

The alternative to a bond is an assigned bank account. An Assignment of Account, must be on this form. (Also available at L&I local offices.) You may post the required amount in the form of cash, a certificate of deposit, time deposit, or money market account in a bank, savings and loan association or credit union within Washington state.


Get general proof of liability insurance coverage from your insurance agent.

  • $50,000 property damage policy and $200,000 public liability policy.

  • $250,000 combined single limit policy.

NOTE: Originals of your bond and insurance will be required to complete your registration.

Model disclosure

Model Disclosure Statement Notice to Customer

You must provide this notice to consumers for all residential jobs of $1,000 or more and for commercial projects of $1,000 to $60,000.


Understand your responsibilities for the safety of your employees and/or sub-contractors.

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Information for bonding and insurance companies.

Contractor Rules, Laws and Policies.

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