Amusement Ride Safety & Inspections

Operating permits and inspections

To operate rides in Washington State, you must have an operating permit for each ride. Electrical permits and inspections are required for temporary power installations for rides, concessions, etc.

Operators must have operating permits and an original certificate of insurance with at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, prior to operating rides in Washington. (WAC 296-403A-110)

To get a permit

  1. Contact a state-certified amusement ride safety inspector and schedule a safety inspection.
  2. Have the inspector complete their portion of the Application for Amusement Ride or Air-Supported Structure Operating Permit.
  3. Apply for your operating permits from L&I. Applications must include:
    • Applicant's information and signature on the inspection report (application).
    • A certificate of insurance on file with L&I listed as policy holder.
    • A ride permit decal fee of $10 per amusement ride or inflatable.

Note: Applications can take up to 3 days to be processed.

After we receive your application and insurance, we will issue your operating permit decals, which are valid for 1 year. Once an application is approved, a temporary operating permit can be issued if needed.

Once received, decals must be displayed on the equipment in clear view of the public, within sight of the operator's station.

Renewing operating permits

When the permit decal on your equipment is within 30 days of expiration, follow the steps above to obtain new operating permits. You will retain the same annual expiration date if the application is completed and approved before the expiration date.

Electrical permits and inspections for temporary power distribution

Before setting up a temporary power distribution system, you must apply for an electrical permit. Before operating your rides, request an electrical inspection.
Electrical permits and inspections must be obtained from the proper jurisdiction. Some cities and Tacoma Power issue their own permits and perform inspections, all others are permitted and inspected by L&I.


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