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Temporary Operating Permits

How To Get a Temporary Operating Permit for an Elevator

A 30-day temporary operating permit is for construction use only, not for public use.

Hydraulic elevators with less than 4 stops will not be issued Temporary Operating Permits unless prior arrangements have been made with the Chief Elevator Inspector.

Temporary Operating Permits can be issued without fully operational smoke detector systems, shunt trip devices and permanent phone lines.

The following items must be completed to receive a 30-day permit:

  • Elevators must pass load tests and safety circuit inspection.
  • Provide temporary or permanent lights in cab, machine room and at the landings.
  • Machine room must be fully enclosed and have a lockable door.
  • Hoistways must be fully enclosed.
  • A single means of disconnecting the elevator must be provided and related equipment shall be identified by the use of numbers or letters on the disconnect, controller, drive machine, cross head, and car operating panel.
  • Elevator cab interiors should be completed. Temporary cabs may be used, walls must be covered with fire retardant materials.
  • The key operation of Phase I must recall the elevator.
  • Provide a means of emergency communication within the elevator. If there is no emergency communication an operator with communication equipment must be provide.

This list is not intended to be all inclusive and additional items may be required.

Permits are valid for 30 days. You must call for a re-inspection to renew the permit. All un-finalized elevators with expired permits cannot be operated.

The inspector will immediately post a yellow 30-day Temporary Operating Permit after approving the elevator for temporary use. You will then be invoiced from our office.  The invoice is due upon receipt.  Please remit a check with your invoice indicating the conveyance number on the check.  Due to the short timeframe involved, any invoice not paid within 60 days will go to Collections.

If you have any questions please call 360-902-6130.

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