Search Approved Intents & Affidavits

Search approved intents and affidavits

This system allows you to find an approved intent or affidavit filed by a contractor or employer for work on a public works project.

How to search

  • Search by an Intent or Affidavit ID number (if known), or you can search by indicating one or more of the several search criteria.
  • Search by name of the company, if input, needs to match what is on the contractor registration license. If you indicate a name with a space, an extra letter, or a comma that is not on the license, you may get a "No Affidavits and Intents found for your search criteria" response.
  • If you are not certain of the name of the company, you can indicate what you know and use the drop down arrow directly to the right to search by: Begins with, Contains, or Exact Match.
  • The less that is input (keeping it simple), the more results will be found. For example, input only "Capit" if you are unsure if it is capital or capitol and set the drop down menu to say "Begins With." The result will provide any listings for "capital" or "capitol."
To sort the search results, use the Sort By Field drop down arrow. For example, if you want your search results to sort first by Project Name (A-Z), select "Project Name" in the drop down menu and then select the "Search" button.

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