Questions About Getting Paper Mail Online

What are the time-saving features if I get my paper mail online?

  • Separate mail addressed to your business from courtesy copies (CCs).
  • Quickly identify the actions you need to take.
  • Receive an email when new letters arrive.
  • Sort your mail based on your personal preference.
  • Save mail up to 90 days before it's archived.
  • Allow more than one person in your business to access correspondence.
  • Save time and the environment by reducing paper usage.
  • Save or transfer your mail to your own electronic record-keeping system.

Who can get paper mail online?

Anyone who receives claim- or account-related correspondence from L&I, including:

  • Attending physicians (we're working on access for non-attending providers)
  • Injured workers and their representatives
  • State Fund employers and their representatives (we're working on access for self-insured employers)
  • Vocational providers

Note: Your online letters are also visible to users who are both:

  • Registered through My L&I (also known as Secure Access Washington or SAW)
  • Approved for access by an administrator to the account

Will I get my mail through the Claim & Account Center?

No, your mail will be delivered to a separate application called Secure Message Center, which you will see after logging on to My L&I.

If you have access to the Claim & Account Center, claim-related and some employer-account-related mail is archived there.

Will I be able to respond to the mail online?

Yes, we've merged your letters with a new service, called Secure Message Center, that provides 2-way communication with a claim or account manager.

What should I consider before opting to receive paper mail online?

Talk with your administrative staff about the time savings this would create for you.

Decide who in your organization will manage online access to your information (your administrator). This person grants access to your online correspondence.

Think about your internal processes and how they may change by receiving paper mail online.

How often will I receive new mail?

New mail is delivered weekdays at midnight. You will not receive mail on weekends or state holidays.

How will I know when I have new mail?

When new mail is available, we email the address listed in your My L&I profile. Be sure to keep your email address current.

We encourage you to check for new mail often, especially if you regularly receive it from L&I. Mail is considered legally "delivered" the same day it's available, even if you did not receive an email notification.

Avoid having email notifications get caught in your junk mail filters by adding Labor and Industries ( to your trusted list of recipients.

How long will my mail be available?

You can access mail for up to 90 days from the "delivered" date.

Expired claim-related mail is archived in your claim file and can be accessed from the Claim & Account Center.

Which letters or documents are not available online?

The following correspondence is currently ineligible for online delivery:

  • Contractor compliance
  • Most workers' comp insurance account information
  • Permits
  • Safety inspections
  • Wage complaints

L&I is still required to send some correspondence through the U.S. Postal Service (in addition to online delivery):

  • Any order stating that L&I has closed a claim
  • Correspondence that requires special handling before it can be mailed, including:
    • Documents translated into a foreign language
    • Loss of Earning Power forms
    • Overpayment orders
    • Worker verification forms

Can I get other types of paper mail online from L&I?

No. Currently, we can provide claim-related and some employer-account-related mail. We're working to expand the service to other types of mail from L&I.