Employer Assistance Program

Can't Pay Your Workers’ Comp Premiums? L&I Can Help.

L&I can work with you if your business is financially distressed due to the economic downturn caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic and has not paid its most recent quarterly workers' compensation premiums.

Who qualifies for the Employer Assistance Program?

Any business that has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic may qualify for the Employer Assistance Program and arrange a payment plan for their workers' compensation premium. Businesses can request their payment be deferred for up to 90 days or ask for a 90-day payment plan. Either way, the delayed payments will be penalty and interest free.

How does the Employer Assistance Program work?

  • L&I waives late penalties and interest if qualifying businesses pay their premiums within 90 days. Penalties and interest may be applied for longer payment periods.
  • In some cases, the payment plan may be renegotiated if a business goes deeper into financial distress.

I already enrolled in the program in the first quarter. Do I still need to do anything?

You must request, in writing or via email, to be enrolled in the program. The program is available for first, second and third quarter of 2020. Even if you are currently enrolled in the program,  you must make a new request to defer third quarter payments.

How do I take advantage of the Employer Assistance Program?

  • File your quarterly report no later than November 2, or as soon as possible, and pay what you can at the time you file.
  • Contact Collections Education & Outreach by email at DialerCollections@Lni.wa.gov. Include your L&I account ID in your request. You can also reach Collections by calling 1-800-301-1826.

If you need additional assistance, contact:

  • L&I Employer Services at 360-902-4817.
  • L&I Small Business Liaison office at 1-800-987-0145 or SmallBusiness@Lni.wa.gov.