{"route":"/patient-care/treating-patients/interpreter-services","filename":"","description":" Interpreter Services You, the health care or vocational provider, are responsible for deciding whether an interpreter is needed, and must arrange and confirm all appointments. You are also responsible for making sure your patient/client has an accepted, open claim with L&I and that the interpreter is certified, with an active L&I provider ID. How to Arrange for an Interpreter The health care or vocational provider determine the need for interpreter services and makes all arrangements. ...","title":"Interpreter Services"}
{"route":"/workers-rights/workplace-complaints/directors-orders","filename":"","description":" The Wage Payment Act requires the Department of Labor & Industries to investigate all wage complaints. This law requires that, unless a complaint is otherwise resolved (withdrawn or paid), L&I must issue either a Determination of Compliance (DOC) or a citation and Notice of Assessment (NOA) ordering the payment of wages, interest, and penalties. After an NOA or DOC is issued by L&I, the worker or employer may appeal L&I's decision to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). An ...","title":"Directors Orders"}
{"route":"/agency/newsite","filename":"","description":" Redesigned Lni.wa.gov Welcome To the All-New Lni.wa.gov! We've focused on making our new site more accessible to everyone. It's redesigned with you in mind. What's new? A simple navigation structure makes it easier to find and understand what you are looking for. A mobile-friendly approach, offering a clean, simple experience on your smartphone or tablet \u2014 no pinching and zooming required. Larger, more readable fonts to help reduce eye-strain. It's blue, helping give the website a sharp, clean ...","title":"Redesigned Lni.wa.gov"}
{"route":"/claims/for-employers/workers-compensation-injury-data/injury-data","filename":"","description":" Injury Data The following tables and charts are generated by L&I Research and Data Services staff. They show the numbers and costs of injuries for claims with various characteristics such as injury type, occupation, firm risk class and experience factor. L&I and self-insured workers' compensation claims 2007-2019 \u2014 Claims filed: Year, Status, and Liability Year and Liability (Accepted status only) L&I workers' compensation claims Accepted status only. Excludes claims filed with self-insured ...","title":"Injury Data"}
{"route":"/safety-health/safety-rules/rulemaking-stakeholder-information/sh-rules-stakeholder-worker-protection-standard","filename":"","description":" The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new requirements for agricultural employers and handler employers in the Worker Protection Standard, 40 CFR Part 170. EPA standards are designed to reduce the risks of illness or injury resulting from workers' and handlers' occupational exposures to pesticides used in the production of agricultural plants on farms or in nurseries, greenhouses, and forests and also from the accidental exposure of workers and other persons to such pesticides. ...","title":"Worker Protection Standard"}
{"route":"/safety-health/safety-rules/rulemaking-stakeholder-information/wildfire-smoke","filename":"","description":" Wildfire Smoke Rulemaking Background L&I recognizes the hazard of wildfire smoke exposure is increasing every year and is now potentially presenting important health risks to all outdoor workers including those in construction and agriculture. One other state has adopted temporary and permanent workplace safety and health rules regarding wildfire smoke. L&I has received a petition for rulemaking on this topic as well. As suggested by a petitioner, in the midst of widespread wildfires and a ...","title":"Wildfire Smoke Rulemaking"}
{"route":"/patient-care/treating-patients/drugs-and-prescriptions/policies/migraine-headache-therapy","filename":"","description":" Drug Therapy for Acute Treatment of Migraine Headache Coverage Decision Analgesics, such as acetaminophen and NSAIDs, should be considered drugs of choice for acute treatment of mild to moderate migraine headaches without vomiting or severe nausea. Triptans, calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antagonists and ditans require prior authorization for the acute treatment of migraine headaches that are causally related to an industrial injury or occupational disease: Triptans Triptans have an ...","title":"Drug Therapy for Acute Treatment of Migraine Headache"}
{"route":"/patient-care/treating-patients/drugs-and-prescriptions/billing-for-pharmacy-services","filename":"","description":" Pharmacy Fee Schedule We reimburse pharmacies for prescriptions based on the following methodology: Drug Type Payment Method Generic AWP less 50% + $4.50 professional fee. Single or multisource brand AWP less 10% + $4.50 professional fee. Brand with generic equivalent (dispense as written only). AWP less 10% + $4.00 professional fee. Compound prescriptions. Allowed cost of ingredients + $4.50 professional fee + $4.00 compounding time fee (per 15 minutes). Prescription drugs and oral or topical ...","title":"Billing L&I for Pharmacy Services"}
{"route":"/insurance/rates-risk-classes/rates-for-workers-compensation/claim-free-discount","filename":"","description":" Earning the Claim-Free Discount Don't leave money on the table Small businesses that prevent workplace injuries can earn the Claim-Free Discount. Businesses are eligible if they have no compensable claims during the 3-year experience period. Visit the Experience Rating Questions & Answers for details on the experience period. \u2022 Claims that have time-loss, loss of earning power, partial permanent disability, total permanent disability, or death benefits are compensable Discounts range from 10%-...","title":"Claim-Free Discount"}
{"route":"/claims/for-workers/claim-benefits/wage-replacement","filename":"","description":" If you miss work because of your injury and your doctor certifies you are unable to work, L&I or your self-insured employer may pay for a portion of your lost wages, called \"time\u2011loss compensation.\" However, the first 3 days immediately following your injury are considered a waiting period. You will only receive benefits for those days if you are still off work on the 14th day after your injury. What to expect Time-loss compensation payments will not be as much as your regular paycheck. The ...","title":"Wage Replacement"}