Travel expenses may be reimbursed under some circumstances:

  • The travel must be more than 15 miles one way from your home, and the first and last 15 miles of travel are not payable.
  • No other provider of the same type is available closer to your home.
  • Travel must also be preapproved by your claim manager for one of the following:
    • Treatment for your accepted condition.
    • An independent medical examination requested by your claim manager.
    • Prescription eye glasses or contacts lost or damaged during an assault may be replaced in some cases.

How to get reimbursed

Use the Travel Reimbursement Request form (F800‑049‑000). Your request must be made within 1 year of the trip and must indicate the date, destination and reason for travel. Receipts are required for all expenses, except parking under $10. Travel costs are reimbursed at the current Washington state reimbursement rate. See the Domestic Per Diem Rates.

Questions you may have

    Will I be reimbursed for damaged personal property?

    Eligible items may include:

    • Eye glasses/contacts.
    • Prosthetics, including orthotics, or hearing aids
    • Clothing/footwear.

    Send repair or replacement receipts to your claim manager.

    What if I live or move out of state?

    You may have to travel a greater distance to receive care for your claim. If so, we may pay for your travel costs. You won't be paid if your claim manager doesn't pre‑approve your travel.

    If you're thinking of moving out of Washington, learn what you can do to communicate with L&I and find new care.

    Does CVCP pay for travel costs for independent medical exams (IME)?

    You may have to return to Washington for an independent medical examination. If needed, CVCP will pay for your transportation, lodging, meals, and wage replacement for lost wages to attend the exam.