Early Return to Work Consultation

Labor & Industries’ Early Return to Work Consultation (ERTWC) team provides expertise and assistance to employers and workers, even before an on the job injury, by helping remove barriers that prevent injured workers from maintaining employment.

Are you looking to:

  • Limit claim costs and unexpected delays?
  • Prepare for future claims?
  • Create a work culture that encourages workers to return to work?
How can we help you?

We help by offering education, support, tools, and systems to encourage a stable workforce:

  • Create Job Analyses: Job analyses define the physical requirements of positions and can help expedite future claims.
  • Provide Return to Work Program Guidance: A crucial part of the early return to work process is clearly communicating to all staff that light-duty work is available.
  • Help Identify Light-Duty Job Tasks: We can help brainstorm ideas on job alternatives that can assist injured workers return to the workplace.
  • Develop Light-Duty Job Descriptions: The average length of time injured workers are away from work is shortened by preparing job descriptions prior to injury.
  • Draft Formal Job Offer: We provide advice on offering light-duty work that follows L&I’s guidelines.
  • Prepare for Stay at Work reimbursement: Employers will learn how to compile and complete all necessary documentation to qualify for Stay at Work reimbursement benefits.
  • Ergonomics Assessments: Onsite ergonomic assessments can be provided to all workers at no cost.
  • Provide Job Modification Consultations: Need equipment for the injured worker to return to work? We can help you explore available benefits.
  • Access to Claim Information: Look up claim information through the Claim and Account Center:
  • Navigate the L&I System: Have questions? We have answers.
  • Design Return to Work programs: We can provide guidance to help you prepare for future claims.
  • Make referrals to other specialists.
What to expect during a no-cost consultation

At your initial consultation, we will:

  • Provide an overview of L&I programs and services.
  • Assess the depth of services you need or want (see How can we help you? tab).
  • Develop a plan especially for your business.
  • Schedule further assistance.

To schedule a no-cost consultation: