The Vocational Dispute Resolution Office (VDRO) reviews disputes and makes recommendations to the L&I Director. The Director makes the final decision based on those recommendations.

Submitting a dispute

Disputes may be submitted by:

  • An industrially injured or ill worker.
  • An employer.
  • The representative of an industrially injured or ill worker or employer.

If you disagree with a vocational determination on your claim, you may fax, mail, submit a secure message, or submit the Vocational Dispute Form (F280-066-000) with your concerns. The dispute form is not required, but may be a useful guide.

We must receive your dispute within 15 days after you are notified of your right to dispute.

We will review your dispute, and the vocational determination will either be upheld or not upheld. You will be notified of the decision by mail.

Disagree with the decision?

An injured worker or employer (or their representative) may:

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