We can use nurse case managers (NCM) to coordinate care for Washington injured workers residing out-of-state.

Referrals are made by L&I claim managers to assist injured workers in finding needed health care resources in a timely manner. NCMs are privately employed professionals.

Care Coordination

Injured workers continue to have a choice of attending provider

Referral is made to a NCM located near the injured worker. The NCM is familiar with the health care resources in that area, and they:

  • Help the injured worker find health care resources.
  • Help the health care provider understand our requirements.
  • Make sure the provider:
    • Has an L&I provider account number.
    • Knows how to bill us
    • Knows when and where to send progress reports.
  • Makes sure the provider gets any needed information from us.

NCM policies and billing information is available on the current fee schedule.

Lookup service

Injured workers can find a doctor in their area using the Find a Doctor lookup tool. The search criteria includes provides type, specialty, and zip code. Search results display the providers name, address, and phone number. Note: Not all listed providers are willing or able to accept a patient.

Resources for providers

L&I sites

  • Managing claims - Information to assist providers in managing claims.
  • Fee schedule - Rules and fee schedules for health care providers treating injured workers.
  • Billing L&I - Information on how to submit bills to L&I and check the status of your payment.
  • Pharmacy Billing - Bill L&I for pharmacy services.
  • Treatment Guidelines - Information to assist doctors in treating injured workers.
  • Provider Accounts - Becoming an L&I provider.
  • Forms and Publications - Forms or publications specific to providers.

Closed Claim

Prosthetics may be replaced or repaired on a closed claim. Call the claim manager for assistance.

File an Application to Reopen Claim Due to Worsening Condition to apply to reopen a closed claim.

Pension claim

Although a pension claim is closed, it may have a treatment order. Call the claim manager to check on the status of a pension claim and what treatment will be covered. Scheduled drugs are not covered on a pension claim.

Contact Information

We have staff available to discuss general, and case specific questions.

Staff resource Contact information
Out-of-state claim managers 360-902-5599
Out-of-state claim supervisor 360-902-6684​
Occupational nurse consultant 360-902-4382
Medical consultant 360-902-4256
Chiropractic consultant 360-902-5023
Out-of-state vocational consultant 360-902-6203
Pharmacy consultant 360-902-6792
Preferred drug list hotline 1-888-443-6798
Provider Hotline PHL@lni.wa.gov