Workers deserve high quality retraining services complying with laws, rules and policies, and are within accepted standards of service.

The School Oversight Program reviews and acts on complaints about L&I approved training providers. Our approach is to gather information and engage school owners and managers in improvement efforts. If further action is required, we may initiate a formal audit.

Before filing a complaint

Consider making a good faith effort to resolve the problem by:

  • Talking directly with school training officials and/or using the school’s internal grievance or complaint process.
  • Requesting help from the worker’s vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC).

How to file a complaint

The School Oversight Program can investigate complaints with specific information. We are unable to investigate anonymous or ambiguous complaints.

If you have a concern or complaint, please complete the Training Program Comments/Complaint Form and include:

  • Name of School/Training provider.
  • Name of worker/student.
  • Specific and relevant information such as dates, classes/courses, cost and/or billing information.
  • Supporting documents, when available.
  • Your contact information.

You may send it via:

Department of Labor & Industries
School Oversight Program
PO Box 44326
Olympia, WA 98504-4326

Additional actions you may take:

Complaints can be submitted to the school’s licensing or accreditation body or a civil rights program:

Resolving a complaint

The School Oversight Program will review the complaint and determine the appropriate action. We will attempt to resolve issues through education and collaboration with the school.


If the complaint cannot be resolved through education and consultation, L&I will initiate an audit.  A formal letter will be sent to the training provider notifying them of our intent to audit. The letter may also ask for a written response and relevant documentation.