When a self-insured employer sees that a worker needs vocational assistance to return to work, they will send a referral to a vocational provider. When you (the vocational provider) receive the referral, keep in mind key points when working with the self-insured employer. 

L&I's Self-Insurance program monitors claim management by self-insured employers. The requirements for vocational services apply to claims covered by the self-insured employer just as they do to claims covered by L&I, except where noted in rule and policy.

Tips for vocational providers

  • Send your vocational reports directly to the self-insured employer or its representative. The employer then will send the reports to us.
  • The fee schedule for services and the qualifications for providing vocational services are the same for both L&I-insured claims and self-insurance claims.
  • Self-insured employers may be eligible for preferred worker benefits if they employ a worker certified as a preferred worker under an L&I-insured claim.
  • L&I cannot reimburse self-insured employers for:
    • Pre-job accommodation costs.
    • Professional consultation fee for job modification services.

For additional information, please refer to the Vocational portion of the Self-Insurance Claims Adjudication Guidelines or contact the Self-Insurance program at 360-902-6901.