L&I’s Private Sector Rehabilitation Services unit reviews and acts on complaints about services by vocational providers. Our focus is on education with vocational providers. We want to ensure workers and employers receive the highest-quality vocational services that comply with laws, rules and policies, and are within accepted standards of service.

Who can make a complaint

Any vocational services stakeholder can make a complaint. This includes, but not limited to, workers or their representatives, employers, medical providers, claim managers, and vocational services specialists.

How to make a complaint

You must send your complaint to us in writing. Send it to:

Department of Labor & Industries
Private Sector Rehabilitation Services
PO Box 44326
Olympia WA 98504-4326

We do not investigate anonymous or general complaints

We need specific information before we can investigate a complaint. For example, we won’t investigate:

  • Any anonymous complaint.
  • A request for billing review if there is no specific concern stated.
  • A complaint about a vocational provider’s work without specific concerns.

Investigating a complaint

We start an investigation by notifying the firm manager and contacting the assigned vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC). Our discussion helps us determine whether we can resolve the issue through education and consultation. A complaint investigation does not necessarily result in an audit.

Note: The assigned VRC holds the primary responsibility for any complaint or audit finding on their referral, even if they didn’t perform the services on the referral.


If the complaint cannot be resolved through education and consultation, we initiate an audit.

We will issue a formal letter to the service provider(s) and the firm manager, notifying of the intent to audit. In our letter, we will ask for a written response and/or a copy of the file, including case notes.

After we finalize our audit and report, we:

  • Send the final report to the service provider(s) and the firm manager.
  • Send the complainant a written response, summarizing our findings.

Disagreeing with audit findings

If you disagree with audit findings, you can send us a request for reconsideration. We will review all the information and make a further decision.

To ask us to reconsider, send us a letter with:

  • The Audit Identification Number (AIN) shown on the report we sent you.
  • The specific reasons you believe the decision and/or finding is wrong.

Send your request to:

Department of Labor & Industries
Private Sector Rehabilitation Services
PO Box 44326
Olympia WA 98504-4326

Note: To appeal directly to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA), follow the directions at the bottom of this page.

Deadline to send a request for reconsideration

Send your request as soon as possible. Depending on your specific situation, your time limit is:

  • 60 days, if we assessed penalties or required corrective action.
  • 20 days, if we reduced a previous payment or sent a demand for repayment.

Note: If we don’t receive your request on time, the decision becomes final.

If you disagree

If you disagree, you may appeal to the BIIA. There are 2 options:


Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
2430 Chandler Court SW
PO Box 42401
Olympia WA 98504-2401


Send your appeal electronically to the BIIA.