Injured Worker Fraud – Washington State

Claim Fraud: Not injured at work (or not injured at all)

Below are a few of the behaviors that might indicate injured worker fraud.

Spotting the red flags

If you see someone who….

  • Is injured but there are no witnesses.
  • Gives conflicting stories of the injury.
  • Significant time lapse between the injury and the first medical treatment.
  • Injured while off work.
  • Injured immediately prior to a planned strike, or the completion of the job.
  • Injured immediately prior to or after a disciplinary action against them.
  • Injured immediately prior to being terminated from their job.
  • Moves out of the state or the country shortly after the injury.
  • Frequent injuries.
  • Suspicious Activity for an injured worker.

If you see someone who...

  • Participates in activities inconsistent with the injury.
  • Claims dependents not in his legal/personal custody.
  • Claims a spouse when not married.
  • Drug-seek (prescription or non-prescription).
  • Frequently changes doctors.
  • Work while receiving worker’s compensation.
  • Leave and return home during normal business hours.
  • Paid “under the table”, or cash.
  • Volunteer while on worker’s compensation.
  • Collect wages for providing home care while on worker’s compensation.

Report Unfair Benefits Fraud by calling: 1-888-811-5974 (option #3) or file a report online.