Many businesses are facing financial strain due to the economy, natural disasters, pandemic, or other serious problems.

L&I has a program to help distressed employers set up a workers' compensation premium payment plan for up to 90 days and avoid any penalties and interest.

If you do not have anyone working for your business during the quarter, you must still file a quarterly report indicating zero hours worked.



  • Quickly and easily file your quarterlies
  • No signups
  • Auto-calculate what is owed
  • Choose a payment date or file late

Claim & Account Center

  • Quickly and easily file your quarterlies and manage your workers' comp account(s)
  • View account balance and past reports
  • Choose a payment date or file late

Self-insured employers must file by mail.

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Quarterly due dates

Quarterly reports and premiums are due 4 times per year:

Quarterly due dates
Quarter Report period Report & payment due date
1 January 1 - March 31 April 30
2 April 1 - June 30 July 31
3 July 1 - September 30 October 31
4 October 1 - December 31 January 31

Weekend due dates may be postmarked the following business day.

If you have questions about these quarterly due dates, call the Employer Help Line at 360-902-4817.

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