Retrospective Rating (Retro) is a safety incentive program offered by L&I. In Retro, you can earn a partial refund of your workers’ compensation premiums if you reduce workplace injuries and lower associated claim costs.

Any employer with an industrial insurance account in good standing can participate— either as a member of a Retro group or as an individual business. Other factors can affect eligibility as well.

Why consider Retro?

Any time one of your employees is injured, it costs your company. The loss can be in production, hiring and training a replacement, rescheduling work, or the loss of a project or job. Plus, the injury can cause your workers' compensation premium rates to go up.

In Retro, you have an opportunity to turn your good safety performance into a refund from L&I by preventing injuries and controlling losses.

How Retro works

Retro is simply another way of calculating your premium— after the fact— or “retrospectively.”

A Retro coverage period lasts 12 months and can begin any calendar quarter. About 10 months after a coverage period ends, L&I looks back at your (or your group’s) actual experience and calculates a retrospective premium for that 12-month coverage year. If claim costs for the coverage year are below what is expected, you would earn a partial refund of the difference between the Retro premiums and the standard premiums.

Being in Retro requires a commitment to improve safety and prevent injuries in the workplace. If claim costs are higher than the amount of standard premium you paid, it could result in your having to pay an additional amount (assessment). There is a preselected limit to this assessment, but it's important that you recognize and understand this risk.

Contact us

Contact L&I and a Retro representative will tailor a Retro plan just for you. Your representative will offer tools to make your workplace safer and help you understand what drives up your rates, and how to keep your costs down.

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