Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 51.14.170 requires all third party administrators (TPAs) who manage claims for self-insured employers to be licensed by L&I.

To become licensed, a TPA must:

  • Have a current business license from the state of Washington
  • Demonstrate it meets the requirements for handling claims under WAC 296-15-350
  • Complete and submit a department-developed application that includes:
    • A list of the self-insured employers with whom they are contracted
    • A list of their certified claims administrators, and
    • A list of their claim administrators in the process of obtaining their certification in accordance with WAC 296-15-360

Once licensed, TPAs must renew their license annually with the department through their SICATS account.

Contact to obtain a TPA license application.