Both core curriculum courses and continuing education (CE) courses require department accreditation.

For L&I accreditation on a CE course, submit a Self-Insurance Continuing Education Sponsor/Instructor Application for Course Approval (F207-192-000) form and the supporting course information to L&I.


Sponsor/instructor commitment

By submitting an application for approval, the course sponsor/instructor makes a commitment to:

  • Deliver education programs through to their completion.
  • Issue a Certificate of Completion to each attendee who completes the course, or sign the Self-Insurance Continuing Education Report of Course Completion (see bottom of form).
  • Maintain a roster of attendees who completed the course, and provide a copy of that roster to L&I upon request. The roster must be retained for 6 years, and include:
    • Names of attendees
    • Course name
    • Course approval number
    • Course date(s)
    • Course location
    • Sponsor's name and address
    • Instructor's name

Failure to abide by these standards and criteria may result in the department's refusal to give credit to future courses.

Curriculum Advisory Committee

Curriculum Advisory Committee and meetings

The Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) is made up of two representatives from the labor community, two representatives from the business community, and representatives from L&I. Each external representative agrees to serve a two-year term.

The CAC reviews courses that are submitted for credit approval, and works to reach a consensus about the credits that are approved. If the CAC is unable to reach a consensus, L&I makes the final decision.

In order to have a course reviewed for credit approval, the submitter must provide documentation to L&I. This documentation must be provided on or before the 20th of the prior month to ensure review at the next CAC meeting.

CAC members review submissions in advance of the meeting. Course information will not be shared outside L&I or the CAC.

CAC members meet by teleconference once a month, and in person every three months.

After reviewing the course submittal the CAC will either:

Accredit the course and assign credits based on the category definitions;
Deny credit to the course.

Submitters are notified in writing of acceptance or denial of the course. If the course is accepted, they are further notified of the number of credits received, and the credit category(s). SI-CATS is then updated with the courses that were assigned credit.
Once the CAC has reviewed the materials and made the decision, no additional documentation will be accepted.

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