Contractor Training Events

Are you a new construction contractor operating in Washington, or an existing construction contractor looking to refresh your knowledge on state requirements? Then Free Contractor Training is for you!

Free Contractor Training

L&I offers online training opportunities on varying subjects including safety, managing your claims to control your workers' compensation costs, public works contracting, risk management, marketing and more. Check out the Upcoming Event schedule below, to see our live webinar schedule.

If you are a new construction contractor, or thinking about getting registered, watch the Contractor Overview module, to better understand the requirements for the work you are, or plan to do.

Prevailing Wage and Public Works

Does your business need to take the Prevailing Wage and Public Works training required to place bids and perform work on public projects?

Online training is available through your Contractor Portal. Learn more about how to access this training. Additional information regarding the training requirement may be found on the Prevailing Wage Contractor/Employer web page.

Continuing education credits

Plumbers and plumber trainees are required to complete continuing education courses to renew their certification. Get more information on the plumber Continuing Education web page.

Certified manufactured home installers must attend a continuing education course to qualify for certification renewal. Get more information on the Manufactured Home and Other Mobile Structures Continuing Education web page.

Have questions about our free Contractor Training Days? Contact us!