These pages provide electrical professionals with essential information for completing electrical installations including who to contact if you have a code question.

Adopted Standards

L&I inspects electrical work using the 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC). There are many ways to make an installation and all installation choices are up to the installer. Electrical inspectors can answer questions related to interpretation of specific code requirements, but cannot engage in consulting.

If you have a specific code question about a specific code requirement, contact your local office.

Product testing laboratories

Product testing laboratories are approved by L&I to perform listing, labeling, and field evaluation of electrical products to ensure they meet electrical product safety standards.

Engineering evaluations

Approved engineers can evaluate industrial equipment for appropriate safety standards. Check out Chapter 296-46B-903 WAC to see if your equipment qualifies as industrial equipment.

Electrical utility providers

Find out what utility company or PUD provides your electrical service. You should consult with your serving utility before performing an electrical installation to make sure your electrical service meets their requirements. You will also need to know who your serving utility is for your permit application.