All electricians, electrical administrators, master electricians, and electrical trainees are required to complete educational requirements to maintain their certification.

Basic classroom instruction

Basic classroom courses are intended for electrical trainees. These courses meet a trainee’s educational requirements both for renewal of their certificate and for electrical examination approval. Trainees must take 48 hours of basic classroom instruction every 2 years to renew their certificate. These hours may be included as part of a registered apprenticeship or electrical training program, or they can be taken separately. As their name suggests, these courses must be taught in a classroom-based environment. Electricians, administrators, and master electricians who take basic classroom instruction courses can only receive credit for these courses as industry related instruction.

Note: If a specialty electrician is also a trainee, basic classroom instruction can only count toward their trainee renewal or their continuing education – it can’t be counted twice.

Continuing education

Electrical administrators, master electricians and electrician, are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education course work in the 3 years between certification renewals:

  • 8 hours of your CEUs must be on currently adopted National Electrical Code (NEC) changes.
  • 4 hours must be on currently adopted Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.28 and related Washington Administrative Codes (WAC). The remaining 12 hours of continuing education credits can be any other course from the list of approved courses below. You cannot take the same class more than once and receive credit.

Note: Continuing education courses can only be credited to electricians, master electricians, and administrators. They do not count toward a trainee’s basic classroom instruction requirements.

Approved continuing education Courses (CEUs)

Courses listed below are for electrician/master electrician and electrical administrator certificate renewal only and cannot be used for an electrical trainee renewal. (Find Basic Trainee Classes)

For course schedules, contact the course sponsor named in the lists below. Courses are good for 3 years from the date of approval. Before selecting a course, verify the course will not expire before you complete it.

Approved courses for administrators, master electricians, and electricians:

Courses specifically for combination 03 or 03A specialty plumber-electricians in the pumping industry:

Basic Classroom Instruction For Trainees

Classes required for electrical trainees

What classes are required for electrical trainees?

When do I have to renew my electrical trainee certificate?

  • Electrical trainee certificates renew every 2 years.

How many hours of classroom instruction are required to activate or renew my electrical trainee certificate?

  • 48 hours of basic trainee classes are required to renew.

What type of courses do I need take to renew my electrical trainee certificate?

  • Only basic trainee classes are credited towards trainee renewal.
  • Basic trainee classes for electrical trainees are different from continuing education courses for electricians, electrical administrators, and master electricians.
  • First aid, internet, or correspondence-based courses will not be credited toward renewal for trainees.

Note: Courses approved for electrician, electrical administrator, and master electrician renewal requirements will not be credited to an electrical trainee certificate.

Information for Providers

Continuing education or basic trainee classroom courses are required for individuals in the electrical industry to maintain their certification.

Course providers are required to send course information and instructor qualifications to us for approval.

Getting a new course approved or renewing an existing course

Complete information regarding continuing education and basic classroom instruction courses for the electrical trade can be found within the rule (Chapter 296-46B-970 WAC) regarding electrical continuing education.

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