When is an electrical plan review required?

All electrical plans for new or altered electrical installations in educational, institutional, health or other personal care facilities classified or defined in Chapter 296-46B-900 WAC must be reviewed and approved before the electrical installation or alteration is started.

Plan review is a part of the electrical inspection process; its primary purpose is to determine that loads are calculated per the proper National Electrical Code (NEC) or Washington Administrative Code (WAC) article or section and that conductors and equipment are adequately sized and rated to the calculated load.

It is the L&I's electrical plan examiner’s responsibility to review plans for electrical installations to verify compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Washington State rules and regulations. See Chapter 19.28 Revised Code of Washington (RCW) laws and Chapter 296-46B WAC rules.

Although electrical plans are checked for compliance with many sections of the NEC, the main focus of L&I's review is the load on the service and feeders of the electrical system(s), and proper design of emergency and standby systems. Our review starts at the branch circuit level and investigates equipment and conductors in the load path back to the service point.

Submitting your electrical plan for review

The Electrical Plan Review Submittal Guide describes the information needed to review your electrical plans and load data. It includes instructions, sample forms, and schedules to demonstrate an acceptable format that can be used to present your supporting documentation. You may use our forms, or you may create your own.

These forms are designed to assist you in assembling an accurate presentation so as to demonstrate that your design is in compliance with the appropriate codes. It includes instructions about how to submit your electrical plan for review by L&I.

Electrical plan review FAQs

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