L&I keeps Washington's citizens safe by ensuring:

  • All electrical professionals who operate in Washington are adequately trained, certified and licensed to do safe electrical work.
  • All electrical work done in Washington is inspected for quality and safety.
Verify a contractor, Tradesperson or Business

Look up electrical violations (final judgments) issued to contractors, administrators, master electricians, trainees and others who have not followed the electrical compliance laws during the last 6 years.

You can also verify a business or individual to see if they are violators of the electrical laws, rules or regulations. You can search by the individual's name, company or business name, electrician or business license number, or UBI number. You can find firms and individuals that have received citations during the last 6 years and have either paid or still owe the fines.

Report electrical law violations

We need good referrals from contractors and electricians competing with firms who are operating out of compliance with Washington’s electrical laws and rules. If you have verifiable information of unfair competition, illegal activities, or illegal work in progress, contact the local L&I inspection office or E-CORE team member nearest your area (See E-CORE Team tab).

Provide the local inspection office or E-CORE team member with the information they need to conduct a successful investigation. Complete a witness statement or investigation report, and send it along with any digital photos you have to the local inspection office or E-CORE team member in your area.

Other fraud

Report Contractor Fraud

Workers' compensation, prevailing wage, or construction contractor violations? Call the Report-a-Fraud line at 1-888-811-5974. We take action against fraud because it increases costs for everyone.

E-Core Team

Contact the E-CORE team: Electrical Compliance, Outreach, Regulation, and Education

What is the purpose of this team?

The E-CORE team focuses on contractors' and electricians' concerns with the underground economy. Legitimate contractors and electricians ask us to find unlicensed electrical contractors, uncertified electricians, and those who fail to get electrical permits. E-CORE will also make referrals to other department programs for violations of the general contracting, industrial insurance, and jobsite safety laws.

Contact the E-CORE team member for one of the following areas:

Area  Contact office number Contact cell number
Northwest Washington (Everett):   none  206-305-9755 
North Central Washington (Moses Lake, Wenatchee, Okanogan): none 509-314-5678
King County: 206-835-1130 206-406-5543
Central Puget Sound Washington (Tacoma, Silverdale, Sequim): 253-596-3907 360-471-0746
Southwest Puget Sound Washington (Tumwater & Aberdeen): none 360-764-6774
Southwest Washington (Vancouver) none 360-605-7980
Electrical Field Supervisor: 509-324-2542 360-471-0691 
Northeast Washington (Spokane, Colville, Pullman): 509-324-2597 509-413-7173
Southeast Washington (Yakima/Tri Cities, Walla Walla):  none 509-263-3583
Southeast Washington (Yakima): none 509-263-3583

Office locations

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