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What to watch for if you're a building owner or facilities manager

Check whether the specific work to be done on your elevator other conveyance requires a licensed elevator mechanic. Determine if the people who work on your elevator or other conveyance are licensed to do so.

Elevator work that does not require a licensed elevator mechanic

Elevator mechanic licenses are not required for individuals who install signal systems, fans, electric light fixtures, illuminated thresholds and feed wires to the terminals on the elevator main line control provided that the individual does not require access to the pit, hoistway, or top of the car for installation of these items.

Elevator mechanic licenses also may not be required for certain types of incidental work that is performed on elevators and other conveyances when the appropriate lockout and tag out procedures have been performed by a licensed elevator mechanic in the appropriate license category. L&I must be notified and must approve the scope of work prior to the work being performed.

An elevator mechanic license is not required for maintenance on private residential conveyances performed by an owner or by someone voluntarily assisting an owner. A license is required for installation,alteration or repair of a private residential conveyance.

Under specific circumstances, maintenance work on conveyances in industrial, manufacturing, food and energy processing plants are exempt from elevator license requirements.