Installation Fees

Things to remember:

  • Each installation is based on the total contract value of the installation.
  • Each installation requires a separate application fee.
  • Installation permits are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Installation permits may be renewed if application is made before the current permit expires.

Elevator installation fee calculator

Enter the contract value of the installation to determine the Elevator Installation Fee. (excluding personnel and material hoist fees — see fees below).

Note: After calculating your installation fee, please add $43.00 for the plan review fee. 

Permit fees for personnel and material hoists

The fee for each personnel hoist or material hoist installation is $349.20. The Annual Operating permit fee is $174.30. Both are purchased at the time of submittal (WAC 296-96-01025).

Note: An operating permit is also required for these types of conveyances.